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U Mumba Volley Team Review:

The U Mumba represents Mumbai city in the first Pro Volleyball League 2019 India. Under the ownership of a U Sports. The U Mumba Volley has gathered some top of the line players in their PVL 2019 squad. And with the best coaching staff under the command of Pritam Singh Chauhan, the team is all set to lead the tables.

The U Mumba Volley’s 3 Attackers and the same number of Blocker’s strategy might work better in the first leg of the league. While the Setters, Libero, and Universals are all ready to back up their team.

U Mumba Volley Team Logo:

U Mumba Volley Logo


Team Owner:

U Sports Int.

Team Coach:

Pritam Singh Chauhan

Team Captain:

Dipesh Sinha

Team Players:

  • Pankaj Sharma
  • Hardeep Singh
  • Tomislav Coskovic
  • John Joseph E.J
  • Prince
  • Dipesh Sinha
  • Saqlain Tariq
  • Parshant Saroha
  • Akshay Kapta
  • Shubham Chaudhary
  • Vinit Kumar

Foreign Players in U Mumba Volley:

39 Years Old Turkish, Tomislav Coskovic is the only player International player in U Mumba Volley for the PVL2019. He has been famous Attacker and represented Turkish Volleyball team at International Level. Detailed info about other international players here.

U Mumba Volley Matches in Pro Volleyball League 2019:

Fixtures Schedule Opponent Teams
Match 1: 02 Feb Kochi Blue Spikes
Match 2: 05 FEB Calicut Heroes
Match 3: 12 Feb Black Hawks Hyderabad
Match 4: 16 Feb Chennai Spartans
Match 5: 18 Feb Ahmedabad Defenders

U Mumba Volley Team Squad InfoGraphics:

U Mumba Volley Team Squad Infographics

Social Media Accounts of U Mumba Volley:

Here is the U Mumba Volley official Twitter account:

While here is their Official Facebook Account.
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