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Kochi beat Mumbai 4-1 in Inaugural Match of PVL 2019.

Kochi beat Mumbai 4-1: The first match of the Pro Volleyball League ends with Kochi Smashing Mumbai team by 4-1. The Kochi Blue Spikers (KBS) was on the top by winning first 4 sets while the U Mumba Volley only came up winners in the last encounter.

The Match final results show Kochi Blue Spikers winning the first 4 sets with 15-11, 15-13, 15-8, 15-10 While lost the final set to 5-15. The only set which lets U-Mumba Volley to avoid Whitewash.

Here is Final Score of Kochi vs Mumbai game 1 of Pro Volleyball league 2019. It’s Final now As Kochi beat Mumbai 4-1.

Kochi Won match 1 against U Mumba Volley


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