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Chennai Spartans Team Overview:

The third team in our teams of Pro Volleyball League 2019. The Chennai Spartans are a really strong team for the PVL first season. They have a really good arsenal ready in their home. With the best bunch of Blockers, Attackers, Setters. The team also comes with best Libero and universal in their squad.

The Chennai Spartans are regarded as the best and favorite team for the first ever PVL 2019 series. Although there are some new players on the team. But overall the CS seems more than ready for the competition.

Chennai Spartans Team Logo:

Chennai Spartans Logo

Team Owner:

Chennai Spartans Pvt LTD.

Team Coach:

M H Kumarah

Team Captain:

Not announced Yet

Team Players:

  • Naveen Raja jacob
  • Vibin George
  • Piraisoodan
  • A Bhagyaraj
  • Rudy Verheoff
  • Akhin G S
  • Shelton Moses
  • K.J.Kapildev
  • V. Hariharan
  • Prabhakaran P
  • Ashwin

Foreign Players in Chennai Spartans:

29 Years Old Canadian, Rudy Verheoff is the only player International player in Chennai Spartans for the PVL2019. He has been famous blocker and represented United States Volleyball team at International Level. Here are more International players info.

Chennai Spartans Matches in Pro Volleyball League 2019:

Fixtures Schedule Opponent Teams
Match 1: 03 Feb Calicut Heroes
Match 2: 07 FEB Blackhawks Hyderabad
Match 3: 11 Feb Kochi Blue Spikers
Match 4: 16 Feb U Mumba Volley
Match 5: 17 Feb Ahmedabad Defenders

Chennai Spartans Team Squad Infographics:

Chennai Spartans team Squad Infographics

Social Media Accounts of Chennai Spartans:

Chennai Spartans official Facebook.

Latest Facebook status:

1- We are excited to bring you the official match fixtures of our first ever season of Pro Volleyball League. The thrill just begins. Big shout out to all the players, teams and their fans. #ProVollleyball #Volleyball #ThrillKaCall

2- Join us in welcoming namma veetu foreign player Rudy Verhoeff – Intense to get past MIDDLE BLOCKER! #ChennaiSpartans #provolleyball Pro Volleyball League.

3- Farmers: The one who tirelessly work to bring food to our table. Let’s thank them! Happy Pongal to one and all from our Spartan’s family.

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